Lady Luck (hierlekin) wrote in galleria_le_sai,
Lady Luck

Press Return

Whatever makes you happy. Whatever you want...

I Hope

return with me to a Troubled Eden,
sleeping on the roof,
drawn inside by magnet tongue.
God forbid we know the truth,
because we're "far too young."


return to the Apocryphal Paradise
although I can't remember why.
I've been waiting for you,
my heart has been untrue to me but I...
I've been trying to


return I cannot to the chicanery of Sweet Arcadia--
there is no way back to that sacred place for me.
I'm a bird beating its wings on the bars of a gilded cage,
and they hold the key, I know I'll never be free--
To drop the curtain, and then walk off the stage.


return to the self-deception of my Uncomplicated Fairyland
but when I try to fly I realize
that my wings are too decayed.
Tears are leaking from my burdened eyes,
and it's by my honesty I've been dismayed.

Each time

Return! I arrive in Simulated Shangri-la,
and in fields of fallen angels search for something true.
But we're walking on a path of broken glass
and I know I don't have to tell you--
That every time we're together could be the last.
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