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Welcome to The Gallery of Sighs. This community is a place for any type of art to be viewed and experienced. This is not a place to comment on any piece. This is the only rule, any comment will be deleted.

Commenting on true art is superfluous and insulting to the artist and the art. It only serves to feed the ego of the pretentious critic by proving how intelligent they can be. Artists who enjoy the liberating freedom from such critique and who no longer seek the affirmation of other are welcome here.

So, there will be no comments, no constructive criticism, no debate on forms or history or technique, nothing of the sort. The only person allowed to comment on any given piece will be the creating artist. This must be done under the same screenname. Any comment posted under a different name will be deleted.

There are no limits as to the type of media presented. Anything goes: written, visual, there are no content restrictions. However, long or large posts should be hidden behind a cut. In case the lj-cut is an unknown phenomona, paste the below coding directly into your entry:

<*lj-cut text="text for the link here">

media pasted here

Simply remove the *'s, edit the text for the link, and paste your media where is states "media pasted here". This is a simple courtesy that keeps your post from being deleted.


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